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We are happy to give you this picture report from our great trip to Italy, the origin country from our breeds Spinone and Bracco Italiano. And what a trip we had! Learned a lot more of the standard, work and character of our breeds and we are greatful for all we have experienced.
Thursday the 2. of December we fly to Amsterdam to join our friends Tina and Jaap for the drive to Italy friday. We are glad to have met Stefanie and Arjan again who picked us up on the airport, and Lisbeth who was staying in Tina and Jaaps house.

So friday we drove through Europe to enter Italy and Castelletto to book in our hotel Le Palme.
Saturay we enjoyed the company of the lovely people Nadia, Salvatore and Matteo, Kennel del Mucrone. The family of Nadir Guerrini have bred Spinoni for several years and have lots of experience and knowledge about Spinone. Sadly Nadir past away, so his daughter Nadia is continuing the breeding. Staying with them I learned a lot of things I will remember breeding and owning Spinone. We will remember your kindness and hospitality forever.

Salvatore, Tina and Rigmor (Regina) and the dogs of Kennel Mucrone

Salvatore and some of the dogs

Rigmor with Paulina

Spinone head study

Dinner with good friends

Masterchef Nadia

Father and son

We also visited the professional dogtrainer Rebaschio, Kennel dell`Olltrepò. He traines and goes to fieldtrials with Spinoni and Bracchi Italiani with great succsess.

This same day we went to kennel Ludstar to discuss the future possibilities of breeding and to see their dogs.

Spinone from Kennel della Becca at trainer Rebaschio

Solo from Kennel dell`Oltrepo


Monday we had the day off fo sightseeing and we drove past Lago maggiore, the beautiful lake in Italy. Unfortanely it was snowing this day, but still we saw the most beutiful views, buildings and sculptures.

And of course we took pictures of Regina Palace. Regina turned into being my Italian name.

We had the opportunity to also visit kennel Morghengo, mr. Fusi:

Spinoni of Kennel Morghengo

Spinone of Kennel Morghengo






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