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Bracco Italiano

>>FCI-standard here (Nor)

In Italy the definitive breed standard for the Bracco Italiano was issued by the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) on February 19, 1949. In November of that same year the Societá Amatori Bracco Italiano (SABI) was founded. There are frescoes from the 14th century that depict the breed`s existence at that time. Some people, however, believe that the Bracco came into being only as recently as the 17th century, arising from hound and gundog breeds.
In Italy, the breed was developed specifically to work. The Bracco`s role was to drive game into the hunter`s nets. Only with the invention of the gun did the breed`s role change to that of HPR, and developed further to satisfied the hunter`s needs.

The Bracco Italiano is a stylish hunter with an excellent nose. The standard specified that the gait was lively and almost always in a straight line for 100 meters or more. When the bracco works, it works with a long, brisk trot, tolerating a brief period of gallopping when returning on ground already inspevted or when the dog is strangely excited. When it detect a scent, it will gradually slow down to locate where the game is. When the bird is located, it will freeze into a point. When the game is shot, it will retrive eagerly.

The Bracco is a sensitive breed. It is very eager to learn, and the training should be positive to get the best results. Hard treatment should not excist with training a Bracco. A Bracco needs to work, and it will have the best life when it have differnet tasks to do. Since it is a hunting-dog it shold be able to have the opportunity to go hunting with it`s owner.
Here in Norway the Bracco is a very rare breed. It is seldom litters born.

When you have decided to buy a Bracco puppy, you have to find a good breeder. A good breeder in my mind, is a breeder that not only tell you about the sucsess, but also about diseases that can occur or has occured in the lines.

If you have questions about the Bracco, please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer. More interesting websites about Bracco is to be found under "links". To contact us, you will find necessary information under "About us".

Rigmor Fiveltun, Bakkely, 8976 Vevelstad, Norway. Tlf (0047)944 10 949

Rigmor Fiveltun