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Da Costa Vista - Bracco & Spinone Kennel

Hunting and bloodtracking

We train all our dogs for hunt and huntingtests. It`s different tests to choose in, so we just have to see what the dogs are suitable for. It is very few field-trials in Norway, the most of the tests happen in the montains (high-land) or in the forest.

Here in Norway the dogs have to be electrified against sheeps to be in hunting-tests. To get a 1. price in a huntingstest in open class, they have to show excellent skills; a good search, a stylish point and they have to be calm when the birds gets on theire wings. To get a 1. price among the other breeds like setters and pointers, the dog have to have a lot of speed. The judges do not judge a Bracco different than a setter. They also have to retrieve the bird after it`s shot.


We also train one dog for bloodtracking. The training regimen for blood tracking varies from dog to dog. Some dogs take to it enthusiastically and without any problems. Others show little interest in blood tracking and need some additional training procedures, a lot of praise, and a lot of successful tracks to become a competent blood tracker. You cannot use force to teach a dog to blood track. It requires calm and concentration on your part. Similar to good water work, blood tracking is something the dog must want to do, in order to do it well.

Rigmor Fiveltun, Bakkely, 8976 Vevelstad, Norway. Tlf (0047)750 37 721