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Da Costa Vista - Bracco & Spinone Kennel

Italiensk Spinone

>>Breedstandard FCI

The Italian Spinone is a pointing dog in FCI-group 7. They are keen hunters and here in Norway they are used for hunt in the mountains, forest and field. They are suitable for different enviroments such as hot summerdays and cold winterdays. The Spinone is a keen retriever as well, and like to carry things.

Temperament of a spinone shall be good. It can be suspicious against strangers but never agressiv. It`s a sensitive breed and must be treated that way. The voice is enough to tell this dog what to do. Usually are the Spinone good natured against humans and other animals. That makes it easy to travel around with this breed. My Spinone can follow me without a leash passing cows, horses and other dogs. Of course this is a matter of training as well, but her nature makes it easy for me. There are individually differences in the breed of course, as it is with every breeds.

The Spinone has a coat that must be trimmed. It is important to start with this as early as possible to make the dog used to it. How much and have often you have to trim the coat, depends of it`s quality. Some Spinone pups has a harsh, short coat, when other can have a soft, furry coat that need a lot more work. Anyway, you should come to a good result if you just put an effort in it. You should never use a scissor or something like that to get the coat shorter. Then the coat wll be very soft. You can only use a scissor under the feets and around the enitalia.Although this demands time and pacient both for dog and owner, it will come out in a good looking Spinone that with time will enjoy this moments of grooming!

IItalian Spinone is a large dog, where the height of the females are between 58- 63 cm. The male shall be between 60- 70 cm. Weight for females are 28-30 kg, and for male 32-37 kg.

It is not a large numbered breed in Norway, but it seems like more and morepeople is getting the interest for this lovely breed. For those that wants a good hunting dog, allround training/working dog and a good member of the family, a Spinone can be the perfect breed. But we have to keep in mind that this is a gundog, that has strong instinct and is most happy to have the oportunity to hunt.

When you have decided to buy a Spinone puppy, you have to find a good breeder. A good breeder in my mind, is a breeder that not only tell you about the sucsess, but also about diseases that can occur or has occured in the lines.

If you have questions about the Spinone, please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer. More interesting websites about Spinone is to be found under "links". To contact us, you will find necessary information under "About us".

Rigmor Fiveltun, Bakkely, 8976 Vevelstad, Norway. Tlf (0047)944 10 949

Rigmor Fiveltun